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  • Pro Panel

    Pro Panel

    Terry Drury

    Understanding what makes food plots successful comes from years of experience, and this week Terry Drury shares some of that insight with us. He'll discuss the goal of any food plot being to draw animals to a particular area, how it needs to offer plenty of nutrition for as many months of the year as possible, and why it also needs to have adequate bedding, water and cover if you want to encourage resident deer to hang around.

  • Jeremy Moore - DogBone

    Jeremy Moore - DogBone

    Dogs are much smarter and versatile than they are given credit for. Hunting dogs aren't just for upland birds and waterfowl they are very effective for shed hunting and game recovery, as well. This week Jeremy Moore with DogBone joins Jim and Trav to talk about how to train your dog to hunt for antler sheds and how they can up your success ratio.

  • Grant Woods - GrowingDeer.TV

    Grant Woods - GrowingDeer.TV

    Managing and maintaining habitat is crucial if you want to provide a sanctuary for animals. This week Dr. Grant Woods from GrowingDeer.tv talks about part of that management process being prescribed burning. While it may seem counterintuitive, prescribed burns actually promote new growth and habitat.



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