This Week's Featured Guests

  • Jim Liberatore

    Jim Liberatore

    Part One:
    On April 1st, Outdoor Channel will debut an original documentary bringing audiences to the center of the controversy regarding gun-free zones in America. Tune in as Executive Producer, Jim Liberatore, gives us a glimpse into this eye opening new documentary. You won't want to miss "Safe Haven: Gun-Free Zones in America".

  • Michael Bane

    Michael Bane

    Michael Bane is the host of The Best Defense and Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel. This week he'll discuss the rise of shooting sports in schools and the people making it happen. He'll also talk about the importance of introducing children to guns the right way and bringing up a new generation of shooters and hunters.

  • Phil Bourjaily

    Phil Bourjaily

    Phil Bourjaily is Field & Stream's shotgun columnist and co-writer of "The Gun Nut" blog on FieldandStream.com. Tune in this week for Phil's take on the pros and cons of reloading ammunition, the costs, and custom loading ammunition to suit a person's needs or that of a specific situation.



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