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  • Fight to Survive

    Fight to Survive

    Craig DeMartino, the host of Fight to Survive" on Outdoor Channel, is all too familiar with the will to survive. Craig will detail a climbing accident that left him falling 100 feet and sustaining critical injuries upon landing. He'll talk about the near death experience, his injuries and how being mentally tough and a task oriented problem solver helped him not only survive, but recover.

  • Tim MacWelch

    Tim MacWelch

    Tim MacWelch is a bonafide survival expert and the author of the "Hunting & Gathering Survival Manual". This week he talks with Jim and Trav about how to stay warm in a survival situation. He'll explain why cotton clothing is less than ideal in cold weather conditions, how to stuff your clothing with natural insulation, to use heated stones for warmth and more. In part two of his interview, Tim will break down some important steps to take if you get lost. The first and single most important step is to stave off panic, then make a shelter, and why you should build two fires instead of one. For more survival tips check Tim out here.

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  • Sasquatch


    Laramy Miller is "Sasquatch Mountain Man" seen on Outdoor Channel. This week Sasquatch and the boys talk about what to do when you encounter dangerous animals. He'll give specific tips for dealing with black bears, grizzly bears and wolves. He'll also explain why you shouldn't fear animals, but respect them.



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