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  • Mitch Petrie

    Mitch Petrie

    Mitch Petrie, producer of "Wardens" seen on Outdoor Channel, wades into the wolf debate this week on The Revolution. He'll discuss why he thinks wolves have earned the reputation they have received and if unmanaged, the risk they pose to other wildlife populations. Mitch will also talk about poaching and how all law abiding hunters are paying the price for the illegal activity of a small number of offenders.

  • David Allen - RMEF

    David Allen - RMEF

    Wolves are very polarizing figures. David Allen, the President and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation discusses why all wildlife needs to be managed and the wolf is no exception despite it being placed on a pedestal in many circles. He'll also discuss the growing populations of predators as a whole. The Black Hills of South Dakota are facing mountain lion problems and the greater Yellowstone area's grizzly bear populations that are long past its recovery goals. Tune in for more this week and visit the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation online at RMEF.org.

  • Dan Harrison

    Dan Harrison

    Why do predators like wolves and grizzly bears need to be protected in the way that they are today? That is the question that Dan Harrison has on his mind this week. Grizzly bear populations in Montana are exploding, and they are neither threatened nor endangered, however there is no season to manage populations. Wolf populations are steady and above recovery goal rates, yet hunters and the laws passed are facing intense scrutiny from pro-wolf and many other environmental groups. Dan sounds off on why hunters need to collectively organize to defeat anti groups and change the public perception that they have perpetuated.



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