This Week's Featured Guests

  • Kandi Kisky

    Kandi Kisky

    Kandi Kisky is co-host of "Whitetail Freaks" on Outdoor Channel. This week Kandi talks with Jim and Trav about the arctic chill that is effecting much of the country and how deer are reacting to the cold weather. Kandi will talk patterns in frigid temperatures, where to focus your efforts while hunting and much more. Tune in this week.

  • Dr. Grant Woods

    Dr. Grant Woods

    Dr. Grant Woods is a renowned wildlife biologist and this week he's dishing some deer wisdom on The Revolution. He'll shed some light on misconceptions about the rut and why bucks don't leave their home range during the rut. He'll also discuss a deer's memory and how they avoid places they associate with danger.

  • Mrs. Bunny

    Mrs. Bunny

    Mrs. Bunny and the boys talk about safety in the field after several reports of hunting accidents already this season. They'll also discuss finding the right caliber deer rifle that can get the job done, but is also comfortable, a weight that you can manage and a recoil that you can handle.



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