This Week's Featured Guests

  • Ryan Langerhans

    Ryan Langerhans

    Success often is determined in the off-season and this is true for hunting. Ryan Langerhans a for MLB player and now a Buck Commander joins Jim and Trav to talk about the importance of off-season practice.

  • Ryan Shutts

    Ryan Shutts

    Outfitting yourself with a new bow isn't a simple task, but it's a whole lot easier when you consult an expert. Ryan Shutts, Cabela's Archery Category Manager, joins Jim and Trav to talk about how to select the right bow for you. He'll discuss the importance of a precise draw length, the ideal draw weight and the advantage of being able to try different options at an in store range like those at Cabela's. Tune in.

  • Mitch Petrie & Chad Hall

    Mitch Petrie & Chad Hall

    Mitch Petrie
    Mitch Petrie is the new VP of Programming at Sportsman Channel. He visits with Jim and Trav this week about his new position at Sportsman Channel and some of the upcoming programming. He'll also discuss how being an avid outdoorsman himself gives him a unique viewpoint when it comes to selecting programming for the channel that appeals to real outdoorsmen and women.

    Chad Hall
    Sheep Shape on Sportsman Channel is a show examining the journey that each participant is on to overcome an obstacle and to physically and mentally prepare themselves to tackle an extreme mountain hunting quest. Chad Hall, a bone cancer survivor, talks about how each participant trains, from diet plans to fitness routines, and how these kind of challenges require a person to dig deep to push their limitations and find their strengths.



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