This Week's Featured Guests

  • Chad Belding

    Chad Belding

    Chad Belding is the host of "The Fowl Life" on Outdoor Channel. This week the waterfowl pro talks calling and becoming a proficient caller.  Then he'll discuss the best weather conditions to bring down birds. Chad will explain why hunting on a clear day instead of overcast gives the advantage to you the hunter instead of the ducks. You can vote for Chad to win a Golden Moose Award here.

  • Waterfowl Hunting in Utah

    Waterfowl Hunting in Utah

    Fresh off of a waterfowl hunt in Utah, Jim talks about his experience hunting the Great Salt Lake. Jim describes hunting from coffin blinds that are waterproofed so they can sit in a few inches of water. He'll dish on the species of ducks they harvested, airboats, shooting and more.

  • Calling Mistakes

    Calling Mistakes

    Are you committing the seven deadly sins of duck calling? Jim, Trav and Mrs. Bunny discuss the most common mistakes waterlowlers make when calling and what they need to do to correct them. They'll also talk about the essential gear you need for traveling with your retriever.



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