This Week's Featured Guests

  • Mitch Petrie - "Wardens"

    Mitch Petrie - Wardens

    The laws that wardens enforce in every state across the country ensure that states provide an opportunity for all sportsmen to continue to have opportunities to hunt and fish for years to come. While law enforcement is a large part of their job description, wardens also wear other hats like assisting with game animal surveys, working with Public Land Managers to improve habitat, helping biologists in their study of wildlife or fisheries problems and more. Mitch Petrie from "Wardens" on Outdoor Channel talks about a day in the life of a game warden and why their presence is vital.

  • RMEF & Delta Waterfowl

    RMEF & Delta Waterfowl

    John Devney - Delta Waterfowl
    Every year Delta Waterfowl puts forth an enormous effort to help improve habitat for nesting waterfowl. They invest in conservation by funding habitat projects and by putting actual boots on the ground with the intent of aiding duck production, sustaining and improving waterfowl populations and creating overall better habitat. While mother nature is the ultimate decider, there are things well within our capacity that can be done to help improve duck production. This week John Devney from Delta Waterfowl joins Jim and Trav to talk about predator hunting, building hen houses and the 2015 waterfowl forecast.

    David Allen - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    As the President and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), David Allen works daily to reestablish elk herds in historic ranges, but also to improve habitat as a whole which benefits all wildlife and all outdoorsmen. In addition, RMEF works to secure and improve hunter access with land acquisitions, land and real estate donations, and more. This week David discusses why opening up land is important and his take on Federal Public Land Transfers. Listen now!

  • Remi Warren - "Apex Predator"

    Remi Warren - Apex Predator

    Remi Warren host is the host of "Apex Predator" on Sportsman Channel. As someone who makes their living in the great outdoors, Remi understands the role wildlife conservation plays in his livelihood. This week he will discuss the role predators play in conservation and finding a good balance. He'll also talk about the positive effect conservation groups are having on restoring and sustaining game species nationwide and why people should actively participate in those efforts.



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