This Week's Featured Guests

  • Craig DeMartino - Fight to Survive

    Craig DeMartino - Fight to Survive

    Craig DeMartino is the host of Fight to Survive on Outdoor Channel. This week Craig talks about the life threatening injuries he sustained in a climbing accident, what he learned from the situation and how it changed him. He'll also discuss why you can never fully prepare yourself for a bad situation, not matter how many times you run hypothetical situations in your head.

  • Ike Eastman - Mule Deer Hunting

    Ike Eastman - Mule Deer Hunting

    Ike Eastman is the host of Eastman's Hunting TV on Outdoor Channel, and this week he'll talk hunting mule deer in warmer weather. He'll dish tips on where to concentrate your efforts, talk about how far you should be prepared to shoot, and explain why it is essential to your success to double and triple check your gear before you hunt, because there are no second chances on missed opportunities.

  • Miles Moretti - Mule Deer Foundation

    Miles Moretti - Mule Deer Foundation

    It is no secret that mule deer have been struggling for quite some time now. Miles Moretti, president of the Mule Deer Foundation, talks about the state of mule deer today. While populations have been near all time lows, Miles will discuss plans put forth to help encourage recovery. He'll talk cheat grass, fawn retention, predators and why quality available forage is crucial.



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